Wednesday, November 10, 2010

STI will run and hide in the mouth


Anna always felt a recent sore throat, his mouth ulcers, oral mucosa and red a lot and she thought it was angina attack, his treatment to the pharmacy to buy some medicine services pharyngitis, symptoms although less

Light but the effect is not obvious. So she came to dental treatment. Dentists found her performance of oral mucositis lesions similar to syphilitic catarrh, the doctor asked whether they have the dirty history of sexual intercourse

She denied it. In addition to oral mucositis, and no other symptoms of her body and no common syphilis syphilis, doctors treated as ordinary catarrh.

A few days later, Anna's illness not good, but who gained a lot of hands, such as roses kind of "rash." She again to the hospital, through the blood tests confirmed positive for syphilis, the doctors

Diagnosis of secondary syphilis. However, Anna's private parts without any symptoms. This is why -?

STDs also "love" Oral

Oral sex can also get involved in sexually transmitted diseases. Anna began to appear in the original "pharyngitis," the first two days, she and came from different places to see her ex-boyfriend have had close contact --- oral sex. The doctor said

, Because the other party has syphilis, oral sex was not any protection measures, can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, oral mucosa, oral sex this often after two or three days of oral mucositis occurs in small ulcers, such as the pharyngeal

Laryngitis like symptoms. The reason Anna did not show the private parts of STDs, oral sex is not the only vaginal intercourse.

Syphilis, gonorrhea incidence fastest

After the dirty oral sex is the fastest growing disease in the oral syphilis and gonorrhea. Toxicity of syphilis and gonorrhea, highly infectious, once you can get involved in oral sex, you can also see that some people even without the mouth

Pay, but other private parts touched by hand, sucking fingers and then transmitted to the mouth. Dirty oral sex is generally two to three days after exposure would be manifested in oral mucositis, oropharyngeal gonococcal

Go far, and some patients begin a minor sore throat, redness of oral mucosa, and thus ignore the standard treatment.

The most extensive condyloma

External genital warts grow in the skin, such as the growth of biological cauliflower. Compared with other sexually transmitted diseases, the most widely distributed in the body, in addition to long in the mouth, but also easy to grow on other parts of the body of non-genital

Position, but also in the armpits, nostrils and other parts to see it. Incubation period of 1-8 months, an average of 3 months.

The longest incubation period of AIDS

Most infections occur in the early stage of a variety of oral damage caused in the dental clinic dentists attention. But on these three sexually transmitted diseases, from infection to onset of

--- Early onset of oral symptoms are often characterized by much later. Overseas studies have shown that AIDS is transmitted through oral sex a certain proportion of. Had a history of dirty sexual intercourse or oral sex

If there are unexplained low grade fever, body weight loss, lymphadenopathy, recurrent oral candidiasis or oral herpes infections, chronic diarrhea, or cough lasts longer than one month is Ai

AIDS among high-risk investigation.

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