Saturday, November 13, 2010

Health Quest: fart in the end will not be lit

Lead: fart gas produced, its composition depends largely on the proportion of intestinal bacteria responsible for digestion and fermentation of the number and types of food. When the fart of the combustible gas reaches a certain concentration, it is burning, and even explode.
The main ingredient is nitrogen fart, fart about 23% -80%; followed by carbon dioxide, accounting for about 20%; Once again, hydrogen, methane and oxygen. Fart smell of corruption from E. coli and other bacteria in the decomposition of proteins produced when ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, indole, indole, class putrefactive metabolites, volatile amines and volatile fatty acids. Although its content does not add up to 10%, but are annoying enough to hear.

Pi is a flammable gas

Pi is a dangerous gas, the hydrogen contained fart sometimes up to 47%. Therefore, the scientists cautioned that in this case, we must strictly prohibited fireworks, the slightest spark could cause an explosion. This is no alarmist.

Overseas there is a story, in a bowel surgery, scalpel work due to short-circuit electrical spark, so that overflow intestinal fart explosion also blew up a section of intestine. Fortunately, fart in the detonation of the hydrogen is not always maintained at the threshold, and fart into the air will quickly diluted. At the same time, few people bother to ignite it, and under normal circumstances because we do not have to worry about farting ass on fire.

Even so, in certain places, on the fart can not be taken lightly. Such as spacecraft, the astronaut is likely to cause sparks fart, the consequences would be unthinkable. To this end, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Agency to lift the risk, also set up special issues, allocation of funds, and fart a comprehensive, in-depth, systematic study: what kind of food ingestion in order to make the process of astronauts in flight fart less, to prevent patients in the first place.

Fart bad digestive system can be seen

Fart in the clinical diagnostic process, it also has some value. If the person such as abdominal pain, twisted, tears exchange, they suspect that their whole body was acute. After a while put a fart Who knows, abdominal pain relief immediately, this is the fart at play. If the number of days without farting, no bowel movement, abdominal pain bursts, it is often a sign of intestinal obstruction. If you fart sound again and again sound, smell smoked, it may be indigestion or excess meat and bulimia. If you fart sound like thunder, but not stinks, it is because most of bulimia too much food containing starch (such as potatoes, etc.), these foods cause fermentation in the intestine. Therefore, in the interrogation, asked help to understand the patient's fart situation is good or bad digestion.

In addition, the surgeon during abdominal surgery on the patient's fart (medically known as "exhaust") special care. If you fart again and again, the show has returned to normal gastric motility, is a signal that the patient can eat. Conversely, if the fart is still 3-4 days after surgery, it should take appropriate measures to try to lead them to fart. Flatulence and abdominal obviously not fart, sometimes even by way of intubation, to fart in order to access. Visible, fart in some cases it is valuable.

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